Kibosh Agent for Windows

Download Kibosh Agent here.

What is the Kibosh Agent?

It’s a small app that will run quietly on any Windows based system.

It was designed to work in conjunction with your Kibosh service (you must have a valid Kibosh ID).

What does the Kibosh Agent do?

Ensure your Kibosh ID stays linked to your WAN IP – this is essential for accurate MyFilter Dashboard settings application.

Additional features:

Troubleshoot Internet issues

Test the Kibosh Filter

Show PC IP and Name

Who is it for?

Specifically for Kibosh Filter Open customers, but any Kibosh customer can use it.

All Kibosh customers: Kibosh Router, Kibosh 360, Kibosh Open…

Where can it be installed?

On any Windows based computer

On at least one PC, but on as many as you need

Windows 7 & 10 Instructions:

  1. Download Kibosh Agent
  2. Right-click, select ‘Run as Administrator’
    • runadmin-2 Kibosh Agent
  3. Enter your Kibosh ID

How to manage the Kibosh Agent

Option 1)

Right-click the Ki Icon in your Systems tray:

ki_install_2-1 Kibosh Agent

And then you’ll get this feature pop-up:

ki_options Kibosh Agent

Option 2)

Double-click the Ki Shortcut on your Desktop

ki_shortcut Kibosh Agent



Internet Security and Parental Controls.