Download latest KRMU 1.0 firmware here.

How to find your KRMU firmware version.KRMU = Kibosh Router Management Utility, a.k.a. the firmware.


How to update your Kibosh Router 1.0 (prior to 2020) firmware

Video: How to upgrade Kibosh firmware.

Work time approx 5 – 15 min.

        1. Download the latest KRMU firmware to your PC
        2. Log into your Kibosh appliance at
        3. Go to System > Update Firmware
          • Select the firmware you just downloaded
            • Do not try to preserve settings.
          • Select Upgrade Now
            • Select OK to the warning ‘this will erase…’
        4. After the upgrade is complete, on your PC device look for the wireless network krn600 and join this network using the password ‘abcd0001‘.
        5. After having connected to krn600 WiFi, open a browser to
          1. Log in with ‘password’. The first time you log in you’ll be presented with an account provisioning page asking you to:
            1. Set a new password
            2. Enter your KRMU ID: (it’s labeled underneath your router)
            3. KRMU Connectivity Code: (same as your KRMU ID – in all caps)
            4. (optional) Enter an email address
            5. Set your timezone
        6. Save Settings
        7. Now go to test.kibosh.net > if everything was successful you will receive a Kibosh Success! message.

Download latest KRMU firmware here.


Q: I have lots of settings like static IPs, DHCP assignments, and the like. Will I lose all those settings after this upgrade?

A: Doing a clean firmware upgrade – which will reset to factory, i.e. wipe all settings – is your best option with the least chance of issues. You could take screen shots of your existing configurations, and re-enter them post firmware upgrade.

Or you can check the ‘Attempt to preserve settings’ box, on the Update Firmware page, prior to upgrading the firmware, and this will keep your existing configurations in place.




When upgrading from a 4.x to a 4.x you shouldn’t have any issues doing this. However, if you go this route it’s still a good idea to take screen shots of your settings just in case something does go wrong.

Note that Parental Controls > Web Filter Settings will not be affected by the update.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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