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Aug 18, 2020

We love your service, it works great and it’s easy to use.

Kim // Director Comfort Public Library, TX

April 5, 2020

I have been a very happy customer using your Kibosh router for over three years now. Great product that always works and I don’t want to use anything else.

Kerry in KS

Feb 12, 2018

You guys are the best Internet filtering tool out there. Better than those mammoth servers that do nothing, and cost a lot. I recommend you guys to whoever asks me about Internet protection.

Allen // Care Security Systems, NY

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Kibosh Gigabit Wireless AC Router

A complete and comprehensive Internet Security & Parental Control solution in a powerful whole-home / office, set it and forget it package. 

The Kibosh Router will give you a Family Safe Internet & Parental Controls on every device with no software to install, no additional configuration. 

The Kibosh Router has an Enterprise grade stateful firewall making it impervious to external hacking and activity monitoring (including DNS Hijacking) and blocks moves by big tech to back-door the security of your family (like Mozilla's / Google's default DoH browser move).

$129.99 for the initial purchase and then $39.99 annually (starting next year) for unlimited device Internet security and mobile.


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The Internet will be family safe at all times - over any Wi-Fi and or Cellular data Internet connection for 100% coverage. 

Solutions for:

  1. iPhone / iPad
  2. Android

Step by step guides for parental control configuration included.

How to protect mobile, from a parents perspective.



Internet Security and Parental Controls.