Kibosh Shield will thoroughly remove objectionable content from your Internet. It works on any Internet capable device, and when used on a router all devices using that router will be protected, instantly.

You will need to install zero software for this to happen, and there is no limit to the number of devices you can protect.

There is war going on for our minds, and the minds of our youth. If you have broadband Internet you need Kibosh to remove the bad stuff. There is no other solution like Kibosh, and it will do exactly what it says. We guarantee it.

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How to get started:

  1. Order Kibosh Shield for $14.99 at which time you’ll get the Nameservers
  2. Setup one or more of your devices to use Kibosh Shield’s Nameservers.

Some of the devices you can protect with Kibosh Shield:

  • Routers
  • Android
  • Windows

For instructions on how to enable Shield protection go to our Knowledgebase and search for your model / device, or ask Google: ‘how to change DNS settings on [your model / device]’.

Built by parents, for parents and anyone who wants to easily, thoroughly, and inexpensively clean up their Internet. Kibosh Shield works in schools and businesses and homes equally well.

Kibosh Shield Protection:

  • Pornographic websites blocked
  • SafeSearch enforced
  • Antivirus: malware, phishing, proxy and illegal downloads blocked30-day-money-back-guarantee-Yellow Kibosh Shield

Kibosh Shield is fast, simple, and sustainable (requires no regular maintenance). You will not find a more comprehensive Internet filter in the world.

Kibosh Shield is an essential tool for any Internet connection, especially when kids are involved.


Say no more, where do I order!

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Internet Security and Parental Controls.