SafeSearch Lock-In


Kibosh is unique in that in addition to blocking bad websites it enforces SafeSearch on popular search engines Google, Bing, Info, Wow, and Go.com.

When SafeSearch is ON said search engine will not – ever – return pornographic content for search. SafeSearch combined with Kibosh’s website categorization blocking ensures a very safe Internet experience. google_safebrowsing SafeSearch Lock-In

However, not all search engines offer an enforceable SafeSearch option. Therefor Kibosh offers a SafeSearch Lock-In feature that will block access to any search engine that is not locked in SafeSearch mode.

SafeSearch Lock-In is important, and ensures your Internet is completely free from objectionable content, and all avenues to it.

How to enable SafeSearch Lock-In.

Why is SafeSearch Important?


Internet Security and Parental Controls.