Kibosh Yearly Subscription Renewal


$29.99 / year



kibosh_i_logo-2 Kibosh Yearly Subscription Renewal


This yearly subscription is for Kibosh Router, and Kibosh Gargoyle customers.

Kibosh is the only cloud based Internet content filtering, web security service that:

  1. Blocks pornographic websites
  2. Enforces SafeSearch which is the only way to filter pornography from Image, and Video search results
  3. Blocks bad search terms
  4. Blocks malware, phishing, illegal proxies / downloads related websites
  5. Blocks Ads (optional)

Kibosh does all this without slowing your Internet down, or requiring any additional effort on your part. A true set-it-and-forget-it solution to a big problem.

The Kibosh filtering service is constantly being updated to address new threats, and feature upgrades.

See the Feature Matrix for product details.

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