Kibosh Router Pro Upgrade / Replacement



 For existing Kibosh customers.
The Kibosh Router Pro is a powerful Gigabit WAN / LAN, and WiFi router. It continually defends your entire home against explicit websites and unsafe downloads. It provides both Internet Security and comprehensive content filtering.
  • Explicit content blocked by default with no configuration needed
  • Block additional sites or entire categories of Internet content such as gambling, drugs, dating, etc.
  • Schedule Internet access times (globally or per device)
  • Schedule WiFi to shut off
  • Exclude certain devices from filtering
  • Safe Search is always on for search engines
  • Image and video searches will not return pornographic content
  • Filters sexually explicit words from search results, as well as results that might link to explicit content
  • Protection from Internet based Phishing, Malware, and DNS Hijacking related websites.

wdr3600_port_description-300x231 Kibosh Router Pro Upgrade / Replacement

Router Specifications

  • Powerful three antenna, 2.4GHz 300Mbps total available bandwidth.
  • 2xUSB Ports – Easily share printers, files or media with your friends or family locally or over the internet
  • Full gigabit ports ensure ultimate transfer speeds
  • Achieves blazing WAN to LAN throughput of over 800Mbps with hardware NAT
  • Kibosh comprehensive content filtering blocks objectionable content by default
  • Receive daily activity logs of what websites are being accessed
  • WiFi Scheduler to turn wireless signal off each night.
  • Enable or disable YouTube SafeMode globally or per device.

Protects all devices: tablets, phones, gaming consoles, desktops and laptops, Mac, Windows, Linux or Android. The Kibosh router can replace, or be easily connected to your existing router (thereby adding a second, protected network, in your home or office).

kibosh_hub-300x246 Kibosh Router Pro Upgrade / Replacement



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