Kibosh Filter Open

$29.99 / year with a 14-day free trial


Kibosh Filter Open is a unique Internet Filtering Service that works on any router Рthe gateway to the Internet Рvia DNS. You only have to set it up once, and then your Internet will be forever free from objectionable content to include all forms of nudity.

No software to install

No complicated licensing.

If you could call your Internet Service Provider and ask for the Family Safe Package the Internet produced by the Kibosh Filter is what you would get (seamless, invisible, effective).

Kibosh Filter Open Internet Protection:

  • Blocks pornographic websites
  • Enforces SafeSearch
  • Blocks Malware, Phishing, Virus, and Proxies

Kibosh Open is a one-of-a-kind Internet content filtering, and web security service which you can use – however you want. It works by changing the DNS settings on your existing router *, instantly protecting all devices connected to it.

Kibosh Open is the Internet ‘porn switch’ you’ve been looking for. When you turn it on, the bad stuff is gone – all of it.

Make your Internet clean, and fast today! The Internet as it should be.
switch_internet-1 Kibosh Filter Open

Post sale you will receive an email with the Kibosh Open Nameservers, and usage instructions.

14 Day Trial: You will not be charged for the first 14 days. You can cancel anytime from your MyAccount > Subscriptions.


See the Feature Matrix for product details.

Learn more about the Kibosh Open filter.



* Kibosh Filter Open can actually be used on any Internet capable device by simply changing the DNS settings to Kibosh Open’s. When Kibosh Filter Open is used on a router – all devices using that router are instantly protected.

How it works

  1. Order Kibosh Open
  2. Receive email with Kibosh Open Nameservers
  3. Use Kibosh Open Nameservers on your router / device

Any device’s Internet, protected with Kibosh Open Nameservers, will not contain any pornography, or malware.

You can use Kibosh Open Nameservers on any Internet capable device by changing it’s DNS settings (2 numbers).

When Open is used on a router all devices using that router (over LAN & WiFi) will be protected.

How to change your router’s DNS settings:

Search our Knowledgebase, and Google for instructions on how to change DNS settings.

Kibosh general guide to changing router DNS.

Support can be had via email, knowledgebase, Google, or call Kibosh Support.


Kibosh Pulse

You might want to add these additional features to Kibosh Open:

These features are unlocked with a Pulse device which attaches to your existing router.

See the Feature Matrix for more details.