Kibosh Open



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Protect every device connected to your network with no software to install.

Kibosh Open is a cloud based Internet content filtering, and web security service. It works by changing the DNS settings on your existing router, instantly protecting all devices connected to it.

Kibosh Open is the Internet ‘porn switch’ you’ve been looking for. When you turn it on, the bad stuff is gone – all of it.*

Post sale you will receive an email with the Kibosh Nameservers, and usage instructions.

See the Feature Matrix for product details.

Learn more about the Kibosh Open filter.


* Kibosh Open enforces SafeSearch on Google, Bing, Info, Wow, Go, and Yippy search engines – even in incognito / private mode. SafeSearch ensures no pornography will ever appear in any Image or Video search. To ensure your Internet is thoroughly, and always clean you might want to then block all non-SafeSearch enforced Search engines. This option is called SafeSearch Lock-In. See our feature matrix for details.

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