Kibosh Filter for Gargoyle

$29.99 / year


Gargoyle is a polished, intuitive interface for small, widely available routers like Linksys, Asus, Netgear, etc. It provides functionality and customizability – far above and beyond – what the default software provides.

Gargoyle now includes a Kibosh option which will enforce Kibosh filtering much like the Kibosh Router.

  • Unlimited Device Protection.
  • No software.
  • Remote web filter management.
  • Bandwidth Monitoring and Quotas.
  • Manage in-bound, and out-bound firewall ports.

Gargoyle + Kibosh is the real deal. Separate they are powerful, but together they are a force. Take complete control over your Internet, and LAN. The more you use Gargoyle + Kibosh the more you will appreciate the power and security they offer.

Gargoyle with Kibosh Setup.

Learn more about the Kibosh Filtering Service.

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