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The Kibosh Open is an Internet content filtering, and web security service. It works by changing the DNS settings on any device, and when used on a router all devices using that router will be protected.

Kibosh Open will instantly clean your Internet:

  • Block bad websites
    • Pornographic, Malware, Phishing, Torrents, Search Proxies
  • Enforce SafeSearch (filters Image / Video search results)
    • Google, Bing, Info, Wow, Go, Yippy
  • Block bad search terms

No more direct, or indirect access to the bad stuff.

Unlimited device protection.

No software.

Post registration you will receive an email with the Kibosh Nameservers, and usage instructions.

See the Feature Matrix for product details.

Learn more about the Kibosh Open filter.

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Instantly make your Internet family and malware safe today.

KiboshDNS Features:

  • Blocks pornographic websites
  • Enforces SafeSearch and it cannot be turned off
    • Supported: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Swisscow, Yandex and YouTube
  • Works over incognito mode
  • SafeSearch Lock-In ensures SafeSearch only can be used
  • Blocks Malware, Virus, and illegal Proxies
  • Internet activity logs (to an email)
  • Powered by private data centers

KiboshDNS is over 10 years old, and works as advertised. When you turn it on, the bad stuff is gone.


Blocks Porn!

Blocks Malware!

Safe Search!!

The Internet as it should be!

** Post sale you will receive an email with the KiboshDNS Nameservers, and usage instructions in a separate email. 

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