$29.99 / year with a 14-day free trial


Instantly make your Internet family and malware safe today.

KiboshDNS Features:

  • Blocks pornographic websites
  • Enforces SafeSearch and it cannot be turned off
    • Supported: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Swisscow, Yandex and YouTube
  • Works over incognito mode
  • SafeSearch Lock-In ensures SafeSearch only can be used
  • Blocks Malware, Virus, and illegal Proxies
  • Internet activity logs (to an email)
  • Powered by private data centers

KiboshDNS is over 10 years old, and works as advertised. When you turn it on, the bad stuff is gone.

Block-Pornography KiboshDNS

Blocks Porn!

Block-Malware KiboshDNS

Blocks Malware!

Enforce-Safe-Search-1 KiboshDNS

Safe Search!!

The Internet as it should be!

** Post sale you will receive an email with the KiboshDNS Nameservers, and usage instructions in a separate email. 

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