Kibosh for Education


From: $49.99 / year with a 14-day free trial



Kibosh Internet Filter for Education is the real deal – powerful, but simple. It will thoroughly remove the bad stuff from the Internet, allowing you to focus on other tasks. If you are tired of your students accessing objectionable content, and wasting bandwidth on illegal sites you can easily solve that problem with Kibosh. It will make your life easier, and make the parents happy too.

Kibosh for Education:

Easy to implement:

  • No change to your existing network design.
  • No software to install, and yet delivers comprehensive content filtering.
  • Fast.
  • E-mail & Phone support.

Kibosh will be the last Internet security solution you ever buy.



Custom Landing Page

When someone tries to access a blocked website the Kibosh Blockpage will be served.

We can however, serve your block page instead.

You don’t have to set this up now. At any point we can enable this feature at your request.


  • We’ll need the IP address of your server. It must be a single IP with no port forwarding.

Pulse Included

Kibosh Pulse

A Pulse device is included for free with your purchase. It attaches to your primary router (or somewhere on your LAN) and unlocks the following features:


Each purchase includes a coupon for 100% off any mobile device.

Mobile Devices protected by Kibosh:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Enforced Kibosh Internet Security over all Internet connections.
    • Device(s) managed remotely from MyFilter Dashboard.
  • Android
    • Enforced Kibosh Internet Security over WiFi / Carrier Internet.
    • Device managed remotely from MyFilter Dashboard.
  • iOS
    • Always on VPN ensures the Internet is always protected.


Kibosh licensing is very flexible. When your annual subscription is due you will have the opportunity to adjust your number of devices lower or higher or remain the same. Between subscription dates you do not need to worry about licensing. We do not track each device, but we do monitor total daily queries, and use these averages to ascertain the number of devices. At no time will filtering ever stop, and if a discrepancy is ever detected we’ll contact you first.


The protector of their tomorrows since 2010.