Gigabit Wireless AC w/t default Family Safe Internet + Parental Controls

$29.99 / year and a $80.00 one-time fee for router


Kibosh Router 2.0

A powerful gigabit wireless AC router that will instantly turn your Internet into a family safe playground.

We took everything we learned building Kibosh 1.0 and poured it into Kibosh 2.0.

Dual-Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router
legitimate Family safe Internet
device specific real-time activity monitors
Schedule / control internet access per device
Enterprise grade Malware Blocking
Remote Management

Summary: Like cats and dogs, security and convenience do not usually live in harmony. Kibosh has created anarchy by brining them together to produce a trouble free family safe internet everyone will appreciate.

Plenty of Wi-Fi range and power in the AC1750 router: a plug-n-play full home / office wireless router with built in enterprise Grade Anti-Malware and Content Filtering.

Feature list:

  • Gigabit WAN & LAN and Dual-Band Wi-Fi for high-speed Internet connections.
    • 3,000 sq ft home / office Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Family Safe Internet on every device:no_malware Gigabit Wireless AC w/t default Family Safe Internet + Parental Controls
    • SafeSearch globally enforced at all times for Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, and optionally YouTube.
    • Bad websites & search engines blocked via proprietary web categorization engine.
  • Enterprise Grade Malware protection:
    • Malware / Antivirus / Phishing
    • Crypto-locker(s)
    • DNS Hijacker(s)
  • Parental Controls via a Global Dashboard.
    • See all devices using your Internet.
    • Control Internet on / off per device.
    • Device specific, real-time Internet usage logs.
    • Remote firmware updates.
    • Exclude device(s) from filtering.
  • Lifetime feature and security updates.
  • Unlimited device coverage – no hidden fees.
  • Enforcement
  • Kibosh Support
    • Phone, email, forum

Kibosh is essential Internet gear and will solve a big problem for you without getting in the way, or adding additional frustration to your life.

Add our Family Safe Mobile VPNs to protect devices that leave the home.

Ships to all USPS locations.

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Performance optimized simultaneous dual-band wireless router combining fast speeds of:

  • 1300 Mbps 5GHz band for online gaming and streaming HD video
  • 450 Mbps 2.4GHz band for everything (including gaming & HD video)

Three external antenna wide range Wi-Fi coverage.

Interface 1 x Gigabit WAN Ethernet port
4 x Gigabit LAN Ethernet ports
3 x LEDs
1 x USB 3.0 port
Antennas 3 external
Protocol 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wi-Fi Speed 2.4GHz(450Mbps), 5GHz(1300Mbps)
Ethernet Port 5 x 10/100/1000
Memory DDR3L 256MB / FLASH 32MB
TX power 2.4GHz: 20dBm (11b) Max, 5GHz: 20dBm (11a) Max


Kibosh Support will help you solve any Internet related issue.

Phone support is available during normal work hours, and / or by schedule including weekends.

Email and Forum support is 24/7.


$29.99 yr. for unlimited device coverage.


Lifetime – we will replace the Kibosh Router if it fails at any time, all you pay for is shipping.

Kibosh 1.0 Customers

Email for a 10% off coupon and free shipping.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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