Kibosh Family Safe Mobile VPN for iOS and Android.

The Kibosh Router will ensure every device in your home / office will be free from objectionable Internet content (pornography & malware). But how can we protect our family when they leave the home protection?

With the purchase of a Kibosh Router you get 2 iOS VPNs, and 2 Android VPNs (so 4 in total).

A device with a Kibosh Mobile VPN installed will always be Kibosh Family Safe – no matter where they are or what Internet is being used (Wi-Fi or Carrier data).

You can install, remove and move (i.e. re-install) the VPNs as needed – they are yours.android-compatible-internet-filter Family Safe Mobile VPN

A Kibosh Mobile VPN enforces the same safe Internet you enjoy at home at all times.

Example scenario: let’s say you hand Little Johnny his first Android phone with Verizon. While he’s at home and on Wi-Fi you know he will be safe on the Internet because you have a Kibosh Wireless Router. However, what if he switches to Verizon data for Internet or goes to his friends house that do not have a Kibosh Router? With a Kibosh VPN installed it will not matter – the Internet will always be Kibosh Family Safe and it cannot be turned off (if you don’t want it to be).

Benefits of a Kibosh Mobile VPN:

  • All Internet activity will be forced through the VPN which ensures the Internet will always be Kibosh Family Safe – no matter what Internet is being used (Wi-Fi or Carrier).
    • No pornography & SafeSearch enforcedios Family Safe Mobile VPN
    • Enterprise grade malware blocking
  • Hackers will be blocked.
  • Tracking will be blocked.
  • Your location will be obfuscated and located in US.
  • Prevents user switching to Carrier data to bypass family Internet filters.

How it works:

  1. Purchase a Kibosh Router
  2. You will receive an email with your private URL
  3. Open this URL on the device you want to protect
  4. Download the VPN profile and follow setup instructions
  5. Optional: implement additional parental controls.



Internet Security and Parental Controls.