Exactly what is the Kibosh Router?
  • The Kibosh Router is a Parental Control hardware device
  • It is a five-port network switch that plugs into your home router or DSL/Cable modem.
  • The beauty of the solution is that the Kibosh Router is hardware plug-n-play. It gives you control over all computers / devices on your network – without having to load any software on any computer.
  • Our Enterprise grade Kibosh Filtering Service is uniquely cloud based and will not slow your internet down.
  • It works right out of the box without having to perform any Parental Controls configuration. Just plug the Kibosh Router into your network, power it up, and log in once to register with Kibosh Filtering Servers.
  • From that point on, the parental controls of the Kibosh Router starts blocking adult websites and tracking web usage from every computing device on your network from phones to gaming consoles to personal computers.

What will the Kibosh Router do for you?

  • Put the Kibosh! on pornography.
  • Enforce SafeSearch on all devices, and it cannot be disabled.
  • Help you break porn addiction with admin override protection.
  • Block over 1,882,769 porn websites, and the block lists grows daily.
  • Allow you to see who is going where, searching for what and when.
  • Provide valuable web security: malware, cryptolocker, phishing, and search proxies blocked.
  • Give you total control over Internet content – your Internet, your rules!

Website Monitoring, in real-time.

SafeSearch: web, image and video content protected.

Plug-n-play setup.

Create custom website access rules for each person or device.


Always updated. Excellent and caring phone, website and e-mail support!

Whitelist (allow) blocked websites, and shape your internet experience.

Easily schedule internet access times.

See who’s connected to your network.

Proprietary bandwidth monitoring – see who’s hogging up all the bandwidth!

Easily manage YouTube’s SafeMode.


Price includes one year of Kibosh Filtering Service ($29.99/yr).


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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