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Most search engines offer a setting called SafeSearch, a term coined by Google, that when enabled, blocks access to all objectionable content including Image and Video search results.

When we search for Internet content we’ll use a search engine like Google.com, or Bing.com – two of the most popular search engines. Post search, you will receive a few categories of Internet content. The number of categories will vary across search engines, but you will always get these three: Web / All ,Image and Video, and it is these three categories that will contain pornography.

When you click on one of these categories you’ll get a list of that search engines best guess results:

  1. Web / All = links to websites with content that should relate to your search term
  2. Images = pages of high definition images related to your search term
  3. Video = pages of high definition videos related to your search term

As you can see from this image, a search for porn will yield no results on a Kibosh protected network, because SafeSearch is enforced.

bing_porn Why is SafeSearch important?

Without SafeSearch, the Images and Videos links would be full of hard core pornography with zero barrier to entry.

However with SafeSearch enabled the search engine will not return pornographic content, thus ensuring that:

  1. Pornographic terms cannot be used to search for content
  2. Web, Image and Video results will not contain pornography.

NOTE: The only way to reliably block Image and Video searches from returning pornography is SafeSearch. Thus SafeSearch is a critically important part of a comprehensive parental control / web filtering solution.

If anything does slip through SafeSearch Kibosh domain blocking will block the site directly thus ensuring that pornography is inaccessible when using standard browsing methods on your Internet.

All Kibosh products enforce SafeSearch, but not on all search engines because not all search engines offer a global SafeSearch enforcement setting. Thus Kibosh offers a SafeSearch Lock-In option that will block access to all non-safesearch enforced search engines.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.