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As of 2021 this return policy supersedes all others.

Up to 90 days you can submit RMA here for full purchase refund.


90 days no-cost router replacement if your Kibosh fails.

After 90 days and up to one year: we will replace your Kibosh at no cost + shipping.

After 1 year and on – as a Kibosh customer in good standing we will always replace your Kibosh at our cost + shipping to you (we pay return shipping).

Your replacement Kibosh Router will contain a pre-paid return shipping label with instructions (call FedEx for pickup).



At any time you can cancel your subscription(s) by logging in at KiboshFilter.com > My Account > Manage Subscription.

Note that cancellation will lock the Global Dashboard and your Kibosh and / or VPNs will stop working.



Internet Security and Parental Controls.