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Web Usage

Monitor Internet Activity in real-time, or historical going back at least 2 weeks.

View activity for all devices, or specific devices.

Enable Web Usage monitoring:

  1. Enable Web Usage > Monitor All Hosts
  2. Save Settings

Recently Visited Websites:

Display Hostnames OR Display Host IP = do you want to see PC device names, or their IP numbers?

Recommended Setting: Display Hostnames

Display All Hosts = show Internet activity for all devices

OR click on Display All Hosts Drop-down and choose a device:

choose_host Web Usage

Display Data for One Day = shows browsing data for a single day

Display Data for One Week = shows a weeks worth of browsing data

Choose the date which will go back about 2 weeks.

webusage_logs Web Usage

Recent Searches

This is a legacy feature not in service at this time.

Question: does Kibosh give alerts when someone tries to search for bad content?

Answer: Alerts are not needed because A) there is no bad content or on a Kibosh internet and B) bad search terms will not work. Test it yourself and see.


Global Dashboard

Global Dashboard Help


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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