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How to improve Kibosh Router 2.0 Wireless Range

Without having to mess with mesh or range extenders.

The Kibosh 2.0 Router has 4 internal antennas, more than the average. However, these antenna are internal which mitigates their power. You will get much better signal range if they were external.

Adding external antenna is fairly easy and inexpensive to do.

How to add external antenna DIY:

  • Buy a 2 antenna upgrade kit ($9.00) from Amazon
    • You can add 2 external antenna or 4. If you want 4 then buy two of the above.
  • Power down, and remove the top of the Kibosh Router
    1. Remove four screws underneath – one in each corner (see Image #1)
    2. Use a putty knife and gently lift the top off
  • Attach the antenna whips to the receptors on the router-board (see Image # 2)
  • Attach whip mounts to outside of case (see Image #3)

You will notice a big difference in Wi-Fi range with the external antenna. Enjoy.

TIP: Once you have the external antenna mounted to the router case, you can then upgrade the antenna even more with any RP-SMA external antenna:


Image #1

corner_screw How to upgrade Kibosh Router Wi-Fi

Image # 2

This router-board has 2 external antenna whips attached, and 2 open whip receptacles (upon which 2 more antenna could be attached).

whips-1 How to upgrade Kibosh Router Wi-Fi

Image #3

Drill 2 or 4 holes.

side_shot-1 How to upgrade Kibosh Router Wi-Fi

side_attached How to upgrade Kibosh Router Wi-Fi

top How to upgrade Kibosh Router Wi-Fi


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