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Upgrade Firmware

Go to Global Dashboard > Manage Device > Upgrade Firmware

Upgrade to a new firmware release, or re-install for troubleshooting.

If there is a new firmware available it will say “There is a new firmware for your device”

Otherwise it will say “The Kibosh firmware on your device is up to date”

FAQ: you do not have to be at home or connected directly to the Kibosh Router.

FAQ: you can update the firmware even if it’s the same version.

FAQ: you can update the firmware many times without hurting the router.

How to update firmware:

  1. Click Upgrade Firmware if you want to preserve your existing settings.
  2. Click Upgrade Firmware, Clearing All Device Settings for a ‘restore to factory’ type update.
  3. Wait five minutes post update before using the router again.
    • If you run a ping you can watch the router restart
    • Note: the krn600 Wi-Fi will disappear and then reappear a few times (so wait five minutes)
  4. Reconnect to your Kibosh Router
    • Wi-Fi will be back to default: krn600 / krn_5g_600
    • Password to join: abcd0001
  5. Go to Global Dashboard > Manage Device > Update Firmware and make sure your “…device is up to date.”

NOTE:  Connected Hosts will not show real device names for a few hours post firmware update. You can expedite this by restarting the device which will force it to check in.


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