How to update your Kibosh appliance firmware.

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All Kibosh appliances have an operating system and can be upgrade, or re-installed. You would do this to access new features, or troubleshoot an issue.

NOTE: Once the firmware update is complete your wireless network will be: krn600 and the password to join abcd0001.

How to update your Kibosh appliance firmware:

Work time approx 5 – 15 min.

      1. Download the latest Kibosh firmware to your PC
      2. Log into your Kibosh at
      3. Go to System > Update Firmware
        • Select the firmware you just downloaded
        • Do not try to preserve settings.
        • Select Upgrade Now
        • Select OK to ‘this will erase…’
        • NOTE: The upgrade will take no more than 5 minutes. Watch the upgrade status in your browser, refreshing the page every two minutes.
      4. After the upgrade is complete, on your PC device look for the wireless network krn600 and join this network using the password ‘abcd0001‘.
        • If you don’t see the wireless network krn600 after 5 minutes manually reboot the device, wait 3 minutes, and krn600 should appear.
      5. Having connected to krn600 wireless network, open a browser to
      6. Log in with using the password ‘password’
      7. The first time you log in you’ll be presented with a setup page asking for this information:
        • Set a new password
        • Enter your KRMU ID: (it’s labeled underneath your router)
        • Enter your Connectivity Code: (same as your KRMU ID – in all caps)
        • (optional) Enter an email address
        • Set your timezone
      8. Save Settings
      9. Go to www.info.com and do a search for abcd1234. If everything was successful you will receive a Success Kibosh Online message.

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