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Question: Can I allot let’s say 3 hours of Internet access time for a device in a 24 hour period, and when that time is used up have Internet access shut off?

Answer: Not at this time because it’s technically impossible to do correctly. We could offer the feature, but it wouldn’t work right, like it doesn’t for anyone else offering it.

The reason: Let’s say you want to allot five hours of Internet access time to an iPad (or any other Internet capable device). For this to work the router will watch for any Internet activity from that device, and for each minute activity is detected a minute is taken off the five hour block. The problem is this – any device connected to the Internet, whether it’s being used or not, continually talks to the Internet: apps phone home, time is synced, O/S updates are checked, etc. So even though you are not actively using the Web, your device, in the background, is. This background activity would count against the five hour block. So the only way a feature like this would reliably work is if the device in question was turned off when not in use, and this is not feasible especially with the younger users.

What Kibosh sells, based on decades of experience, is a simple, sustainable, but most importantly effective Parental Control solution. We only offer features that can only be technically delivered without error, or persistent effort to maintain on your part.


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