How to setup the iOS MyFilter App.

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MyFilter App on iOS install Links:

MyFilter App for iPad

MyFilter App for iPhone


Image # 1

The Kibosh iOS MyFilter app allows you to easily manage multiple devices protected with the Kibosh Filter: Routers, Windows, Android, iOS.

How to install & use the MyFilter iOS Mobile App:

  1. Click one of the links above, or search for ‘myfilter‘ in the app store to install
  2. Open the app and tap Devices
    • See image # 1
  3. Tap +
    1. Device Name: descriptive name – anything you want
    2. Enter the Kibosh ID for that device:
    3. Enter the password for that Kibosh ID
      1. NOTE: these are the same you use to login at https://myfilter.kibosh.net
    4. Pick an icon so you know what type of device this is
  4. Tap Done
  5. Tap Save & Login
    • See image # 2

TIP: Repeat these steps for each device you want to manage.

Image # 2

To manage a device from the MyFilter app:

  1. Open the app, and tap Devices (see image # 1)
  2. Choose the a device that you’ve entered above:
  3. Tap Menu
    • Choose Web Filter for iOS / Android / 360
    • Manage Device for 360 / Router

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