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How to create an Internet access time rule from the MyFilter Dashboard:

Video: How to schedule Internet access times.

  •  From your MyFilter Dashboard go to Manage Device > Schedule Internet Access
    •  First option = Choose what device(s) this rule will be applied to:
      •  Block All Hosts = turn the Internet off for everyone.
      •  Block Only The Following Hosts = turn the Internet off for this device only.
        • ** Choosing this option will display a list of connected devices to choose from.
      •  Block All Hosts Except = turn the Internet off for all devices except these.
    • How often will this rule be applied:
      •  Schedule Repeats Daily= this rule will execute every day.
      •  Schedule Repeats Weekly = this rule will execute Mon – Fri, for example.
    •  Add
    •  Save
      • net_schedule_myfilter Schedule Internet Access


NOTE: You can turn the Internet off immediately by setting the start time to a point that’s already occurred.

NOTE: Only devices connected to the Kibosh Router / Cloud / 360 directly (via LAN or WiFi) can be managed with Net Schedule. Whole home protection (i.e. Kibosh Open on your router) should use Timed Filters.


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