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If the red light is flashing on the front panel of the Cloud / Pulse device then that device has been reset to factory, and you will need to re-provision the device.

NOTE: Resetting any Kibosh appliance to factory will not disable content filtering. This cannot be turned off. Resetting to factory would only wipe out any custom settings like net schedule rules, hosts naming, timed filters, etc.

How to re-provision your Kibosh Cloud / Pulse device:


  • Log into the devices admin panel at To get here you have two options:
    1. Join the krn600 wireless network (keep checking until it appears)
      1. Passcode to join: abcd0001
    2. Plug your PC into the LAN port of the Cloud / Pulse device, and reboot.
  • At login you will be asked to set a password and to enter your KRMU ID and Connectivity Code
    1. These are both labeled underneath your device. Enter them in all CAPS.
  • Set your timezone
  • Save Changes

To turn the WAP off slide the on / off button back which will turn off the red light (red light = WAP is on, no red light = WAP is off).

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