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For Kibosh Filter Open customers only.

You should have already configured your router with Kibosh’s Nameservers.

There are two parts to the Kibosh Filter Open solution:

  1. Internet Content Filtering via Kibosh Nameservers (this is the part that removes all the bad stuff from the Internet).
  2. MyFilter Dashboard Management – this is where you can shape your Internet by blocking websites / apps, turn on activity logs, enable SafeSearch Lock-In, YouTube SafeMode, etc.
    • For example, if you wanted to block Facebook.com this is where you would do it.

NOTE: In order for the MyFilter Dashboard settings to work your WAN IP must be registered to your Kibosh ID. There are three ways this can be done (in order of recommendation):

I) Kibosh Filter Agent (for Windows)

Install on at least one PC. The Kibosh Agent will keep your account in sync, and offers some other tools like ‘Troubleshoot Internet’ issues.

Go here to install the Kibosh Filter Agent.

II) Chrome browser plugin

Installs into any Chrome browser (Windows, macOS), and keeps your Kibosh account current.

Setup instructions below.

III) Pulse device

A small device that attaches to your existing router protected with Kibosh. The Pulse device gives you a truly software free setup.

Chrome Browser Plugin:

NOTE: You only need to do this once, on a single PC, but on as many as you want.

ki_ddns Enable MyFilter Dashboard (Kibosh Filter Open)

Image # 1

Kibosh Filter Plugin for Chrome Browser

  1. On a single PC with the Chrome browser installed, click here to install our Chrome browser Kibosh DDNS plugin.
  2. It will be displayed as a Ki in the top-right corner of your browser like this: ddns_plugin Enable MyFilter Dashboard (Kibosh Filter Open)
    1. If you don’t see the Ki you might need to enable the plugin:
      • In Chrome go to More Tools > Extensions and enable Kibosh Filter Plugin.

        enter_id Enable MyFilter Dashboard (Kibosh Filter Open)

        Image # 2

  3. Click on the Ki which will give you a drop down with options (see Image #1)
    • Select Input / Update ID…
      • Enter your Kibosh ID (see Image # 2)
        • Click Confirm…
          • You will get the OK when your ID has been registered.
            • Repeat until you get the OK: [your WAN IP] (see Image # 3)
              • If you cannot get the OK run the info.com test again – if this test fails then you did not successfully configure your router with Kibosh Filter Nameservers – go back and double-check your work.
                ddns_ok Enable MyFilter Dashboard (Kibosh Filter Open)

                Image # 3

                • If the info.com test is successful, but you still cannot get the OK, drop us a quick note with your Kibosh ID.
  4. Open your browser to your MyFilter Dashboard: https://myfilter.kibosh.net
    • Login using your Kibosh ID, and the password abcd0001




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