I’m unable to get Kibosh to work on my internet!?

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Setting KiboshDNS only needs to be done once, but depending on your setup it can be frustrating.

Your options:

  1. Put KiboshDNS servers on your router – this works for thousands of people around the world. If it’s not working for you then talk to your ISP and ask them why. Usually it’s related to the ISP equipment not allowing DNS to be changed.
  2. OR, buy your own personal wireless router, put KiboshDNS on it, and you’ll not have to mess with it again no matter what ISP.
  3. OR, buy a Kibosh Router and simply plug it in, and never having to mess with this stuff again.
  4. OR cancel your subscription if you have one.

Please contact support if you have any questions on the above.


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