Troubleshooting: Reload Firmware

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For Kibosh Router 2.0 owners.

If you’re experiencing sketchy Internet (which you can quickly ascertain using our guide on ‘ping‘).

If your Schedule Internet Access rules are not triggering correctly (they should every time no problem).

Essentially, if anything is wrong with your Kibosh Router, or you suspect something is wrong – update the firmware. It takes less than 5 min, and will not hurt anything or wipe out your existing rules.

How to resolve Kibosh Router issues (any issue):

  1. From the Global Dashboard > Manage Device
  2. Upgrade Firmware
  3. Choose only the ‘Upgrade Firmware’ option
  4. Click ‘Yes’ to proceed
  5. Wait five minutes

You have just refreshed your Kibosh Router’s operating system, which will resolve any non-hardware related issues.

Let’s say, for example, you changed the wifi name in Dash but it’s not reflecting on your LAN (be sure to confirm this from multiple devices). Upgrade Firmware and in five minutes the issue will be resolved.

Do NOT choose ‘Upgrade Firmware, Clearing all Device Settings’ unless Upgrade Firmware is not working.

If you do perform the Upgrade Firmware, Clearing all Device Settings but your issues persist – contact Kibosh Support.

NOTE: This is something you should not have to do very often. If you find that you’re doing this a lot – please contact Kibosh Support.

NOTE: Post firmware upgrade Connected Hosts will not all show with correct names – this is because they need to re-register with the Kibosh Router. This will happen over time, or you can force the issue by rebooting the device.


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