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We like the Firefox browser the most at Kibosh because it’s the only popular browser that 1) offers built in tracking protection, 2) does not operate for profit, and 3) does not collect, and save user data (unlike Chrome).

In regards to #1 – FF tracking Protection has always blocked advertising, analytics, and social sharing. FF (v63) adds
protection from web fingerprinting technologies and also web mining scripts. And, each f those
can be set to “always”, “only in private windows” or “never.”¬† You can do this under Tools / Options / Privacy 7 Security: Tracking Protection “Always” to enable it¬†globally.

ff_always Firefox Browser Tip

Turning this on globally will noticeably speeds up web browsing by eliminating a large download burden.

Steps to the safest Internet experience on the planet:

  1. Put the Kibosh on bad Internet content (nudity & malware).
  2. Use FF with TP enabled.
  3. Use UBlock Origin browser plugin to block popups, side loaders, javascript, and other website tricks.
  4. Use free antivirus (Windows Security Essentials / Windows Defender) to protect your Windows systems.

NOTE: Do not use free antivirus suits with web filtering / email filtering, etc turned on. When you have these enabled they see ALL OF YOUR DATA, and remember – nothing is free, so they are making their money off you somehow. Let Kibosh filter your Internet: we do no tracking, no monitoring, sell no customer data.



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