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In regards to the filtering of bad content, there is no difference.

Web Filter Settings:

However, in order to apply additional filtering rules (i.e. web filter settings) like blacklisting, whitelist only mode, timed filters, daily logs, etc – these are tied to your WAN IP. Most residential customers have a Dynamic WAN IP from their ISP, and by ‘dynamic’ we mean it will change from time to time. If that WAN IP changes, and Kibosh Filter servers do now know about the change, your web filter rules will stop working – not the blocking of the bad stuff, just web filter settings.

Thus in order to apply additional web filter settings your WAN IP needs to be registered with Kibosh Filter servers every few hours. This is called DDNS, or Dynamic DNS.

The Gargoyle firmware has this DDNS built in so all you need to do is enter your Kibosh ID, and you’re done.

With Kibosh Filter Pro – Any router, you’ll need to install a Kibosh DDNS agent.


There are three possible ways around the Kibosh Filter:

  1. VPN
  2. DNS Bypass
  3. Search Proxies

Search Proxies are blocked by default so there are really only two threats: VPNs, and DNS Bypass.

VPN: this is a point to point encrypted tunnel technology which is by design impossible to block – once the point to point connection is made. However VPNs cost money, and require resources on both sides to work.

Young kids will not have access to VPNs. Teens could, but you can mitigate this with Internet access schedules, and on iOS get the Kibosh Pro – iOS (which is a VPN, thus blocking another VPN).

DNS Bypass: this is a technique where a savvy user could change the local DNS settings on a device to bypass the Kibosh Filter (or any other filter). The Gargoyle router blocks this by default, as does the Kibosh router. If you are using your own router see this how-to guide to blocking DNS bypass, and if your router has a good firewall you can block DNS bypass with a few simple firewall rules.

Please give us a call if you have any questions.


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