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How to exclude device(s) from Kibosh Filters.

Any device(s) added to the Exclusion list will be unfiltered.

Be careful, don’t forget what’s out there.

How to exclude devices from Kibosh Filters thus exposing them to the raw Internet:

  1. Log into Global Dashboard
  2. Go to Manage Device > Filter Exceptions
  3. Choose your device from the quick drop-down (see EX 1)
  4. Add
  5. Save
  6. Your device will be listed in exclusions (see EX 2)
  7. Wait 5 min
  8. Go to test.kibosh.net on the device to confirm it’s not being filtered.
  9. When you’re done simply Remove the device from the list, and Save.

Kibosh was designed to block nothing but pornography and malware and it should be used by everyone at all times for a much safer Internet experience.

EX 1: Choose device:

EX 2: Device(s) listed for exclusion



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