How to read the Daily Internet Activity Report.

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The Kibosh Daily Global Activity Report (DGAR) is delivered to your email daily, and will give you a daily snapshot of all Internet activity for your network within a 24 hour period.

DGAR can be enabled / disabled from your Myfilter Dashboard > Web Filter > Options.

DGAR can be enabled / disabled for all Kibosh products. DGAR shows all Internet activity for your entire network, but is not device specific. For device specific logs you 1) need to be using a Kibosh Router or 360, and 2) have enabled Web Usage logs.

NOTE: You can use both the Daily Global, and Web Usage logs. For example, you could look at the DGAR daily, and if you see something then use Web Usage logs to find the device.


How to read the Daily Global Activity Report.

  1. The top 20 websites accessed on the date of the report.
  2. The rest of the websites accessed that day, starting from the most accessed to the least.

The reports contains a list of all websites accessed in a 24 hour period in the following format:

As you can see from your log there is a lot of activity going on you probably didn’t know about.¬†The Internet is very ‘chatty’, and the daily report can be intimidating, but if you take a a few minutes to look them over on a regular basis they will start making a lot of sense, and become very informative. Kibosh logs will tell you everything you need to know about what each device on your network is doing on the Internet.

Example: Did you know your baby monitor was connecting to the web all day long? The DAR will tell you, and then you could block this activity by entering those websites into your blacklist.

TIP: All of us use, in general, the same websites day in, and day out. Thus if you check your logs regularly you will become very familiar with what websites are being accessed, and easily filter out the noise, and detect anomalies. Use Google to research unknown websites.

TIP: Checking your logs is a great way to detect Malware activity. As you become familiar with your logs Malware activity will stand out like a sore thumb.

What if your activity report is blank?

Periodically Kibosh syncs your WAN IP with Kibosh Filtering Servers. If this sync fails for whatever reason, your daily report will be empty, and look like this:

How to troubleshoot blank activity logs.

NOTE: the blocking of pornography, malware and phishing related websites, SafeSearch enforcement, etc, will always work when using any Kibosh product. If your WAN IP is out of sync with Kibosh’s servers only your web filter settings (whitelist, blacklist, categories, logs) will not work.

You can always confirm web filtering is active by going to www.info.com and do a search for ‘abcd1234‘.



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