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How to change the default LAN to something else.

For Kibosh Router 2.0 owners.

In this example we are going to change the LAN network from to You can replace with any private LAN you want.

You should be connected to the Kibosh Router via Ethernet or Wi-Fi before starting.

1). Download Putty.exe from here.

2). Open putty and SSH into the Kibosh Router at port 98:

putty1-1 How to change LAN IP

3). Yes to Putty Security Alert > “The servers host key is not cached…”

4). Log in as: root

The password is ‘password

putty2 How to change LAN IP

5). From the @KRMU command prompt, run these IN ORDER (you can copy & past each line):

sed -i ‘s/'”$MY_NEW_IP”‘/g’ /etc/config/network
sed -i ‘s/'”$MY_NEW_IP”‘/g’ /etc/config/kibosh_local
sed -i ‘s/'”$MY_NEW_IP”‘/g’ /etc/dnsmasq.conf
uci set kibosh_private.main.force_config_send=”1″
uci commit

6.) Once the router is back online log into the Global Dashboard and assign Name & Static IPs as needed under Device Naming.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.