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For Kibosh 2.0

Global Dashboard

Q: How can I block YouTube.com?

A: Go to Dash > Web Filter > Options and enable YouTube Strict Mode.

Strict Mode is very effective and will render YouTube almost useless at the same time leaving it ON so your browsing is not negatively impacted.

Explanation: YouTube is Google, and Google is massive with many websites and services like Gmail. If you are logged into any Google property you are inside their domain and have access to all of their services. So, to correctly block YouTube we would have to block all of Google and this luckily is not necessary – just turn on Strict Mode.

Also, much of the Internet links to YouTube videos. If you block YouTube this will slow your browsing down as each page tries to connect to YouTube which would be blocked. In other words, it negatively impacts your experience.

In Kibosh 1.0 we did block YouTube, but it caused more problems than it solved. YouTube Strict mode will do the job.


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