How to block Google Plus

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NOTE: Currently this is done on the Kibosh Router at, but soon you’ll be able to do this at https://myfilter.kibosh.net and the mobile apps.

How to block access to Google Plus:

  1. Log into the Kibosh at
  2. Go to Parental Controls > Domain Blocking
  3. Under ‘New Domain Block Rule
    1. Description: block plus.google.com
    2. Applies to: your decision
    3. Domain to Block:
      1. Domain Ends With: plus.google.com
      2. Domain Contains: plus.google.com
      3. Domain Matches exactly: plus.google.com
    4. NOTE: Google is unique in that when you log in with a Google account you are granted access to all of their services without DNS redirection. So to prevent one from logging into Google to bypass the Google Plus block we need to also prevent them from logging into Google. So add the following to the ‘block plus.google.com’ rule:
      1. Domain Ends With: accounts.google.com
      2. Domain Contains: accounts.google.com
      3. Domain Matches exactly: accounts.google.com
  4. Add New Domain Block Rule
  5. Save Changes

This will block Google Plus when accessing the Internet using standard means. Use Parental Controls > Web usage monitor to double check your work.

Please note that the Kibosh router is the most powerful Internet filter parents have today. Out of the box it will enforce a very safe Internet free from pornography, but it also offers the tools to take tight control over the Internet if necessary, although this takes effort. In general the key is to ensure the user is searching for content using a SafeSearch enforced search engine (Google, Bing, Ask, Info, Go, Wow, Yippy), and then our website blocking engine will take care of the rest.

Some additional info:

Also if you have any websites you feel should be blocked send them to support@kibosh.net and we’ll take care of it.

Please let us know if this does not answer your questions.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.