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Sometimes the administrator needs help. One of the unique features of a Kibosh appliance is the ability to block access to the appliances admin UI (i.e, the KRMU) each night to prevent the administrator from bypassing the filter settings.

This setting will stop anyone, including the router’s administrator, from logging in and modifying existing rules in order to gain access to objectionable content.

How to schedule KRMU access:

  1. Log into your KRMU at
  2. Go to System > Router Access
    • Schedule Web Interface Access
      • Disable access between:
        • 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM
    • Save Changes

This will block access to the KRMU between 12.00 AM and 6:00 AM each day.

webinterfaceaccess Schedule Admin Access

NOTE: Use this rule with caution as there is no way to access the router between these times. Only Kibosh Support can unlock outside of the scheduled lockout time.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.

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