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As a Kibosh Affiliate you have your own custom URL which you can then embed in various ways. Anyone who comes to KiboshFiler.com from that link, and places an order, you will get paid.

An Affiliate link will look like this: https://kiboshfilter.com/?affiliates=2

Methods to embedding your Affiliate link:

  1. In email text: you can say something like “This is the Internet content filtering service I use, and recommend.“, or something like that. Then you can highlight the sentence, and from within the email client select add, or insert a Link at which point you will be asked to enter a URL. Here you paste your Affiliate link: https://kiboshfilter.com/?affiliates=2
  2. In an image: you can, in an email or on a website, highlight an image, select Properties, and there will be a Link option.
    • Gmail
      1. Compose new message
      2. Add an Image
      3. Highlight the image
      4. Click the Link icon (usually a chain link)
        • Select Change
          • Enter your Affiliate URL in the Web Address field
    • Office 360
      1. New
      2. Insert Picture
      3. Highlight Picture
      4. Select Insert Hyperlink
  3. HTML: use this code in any HTML page to embed your Affiliate Code

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