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Kibosh Affiliate Program

Kibosh affiliates will get 3%, to start, of all sales – immediate, and recurring – that you generate.

Payments are made monthly to your PayPal account.

Affiliate Referral Levels:

  1. 0-50 referrals = 3%
  2. 51-200 referrals = 5%referrals Affiliate Program
  3. 201-500 referrals = 10%
  4. 501-800 referrals = 15%
  5. 801 + referrals = 20%

Increases are for all referrals. For example, when you jump up to 15%, you will be paid 15% for all existing referrals (not just the ones you generate at the 15% level).

Example a Referral Sale at 15% Commission:

Customer places order for a Kibosh Router at $129.99. The Affiliate receives $6.50.

Customer renews their annual subscription for $39.99. The Affiliate receives $5.99 each year.

How an Affiliate can generate referrals:

  1. Each Affiliate gets a custom URL which can be embedded in emails, websites, banners, social networks – anywhere a link can be made.
  2. Each Affiliate gets a custom coupon code, and they get pad for every sale using that coupon code.
  3. Manual entry: each Affiliate can request a manual commission entry in case someone they referred to Kibosh places an order without using the Affiliates URL, or Coupon Code.

Auto referrals for Resellers:

Affiliates are allowed to refer themselves. This option allows the affiliate to earn a commission on a transaction that involves the affiliate as a customer, or lead. Auto-referrals are identified as such, when a transaction is processed for the same user or user email as the affiliate’s, or when it involves the use of a coupon assigned to the affiliate.

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How to embed your Affiliate link.

Some banner ideas.


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