How to access the KRMU remotely.

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Although all Kibosh appliance administration is done from your MyFilter Dashboard, there are a few advanced features like our proprietary bandwidth monitoring, or QOS that’s only available from the Kibosh Router Management Utility (KRMU).

All Kibosh routers products have a default DDNS name, and can be found from any location at the following DDNS address:


However in order to access your Kibosh from any web browser you need to enable remote access.

Step 1: Enable remote web access

  1. Log into your Kibosh at
  2. Go to System > Status
  3. On the status page look for the WAN IP Address. If the WAN IP Address starts with ’10.’ , ‘192.168.’, or ‘172.’ then this WAN IP is private, and you’ll need to complete Step 2 below because your Kibosh router is behind a primary router.
  4. Go to System > Router Access
  5. Enable Remote Web Admin Access and select HTTP
  6. Set the Remote HTTP port to 8080 (or 8888, 8181, etc)
  7. Save Changes

Now you can open any web browser and type in the following URL: http://[KRMU ID]

NOTE: This URL will only work when not connected to the Kibosh routers LAN, i.e. when away from home/office. While connected to the Kibosh use

Step 2: Forward remote web access port (only needed if your WAN IP is private):

  1. Log into your BUC appliance at
  2. Go to System > Status
  3. Write down the WAN IP Address
  4. Copy the WAN Gateway IP
  5. This is the primary router the Kibosh is chained off
  6. Now open a browser and past in the WAN Gateway IP (ex:
  7. Once logged into your primary router go to Port Forwarding and forward port 8080 to the Kibosh router’s WAN IP address from step 3.
  8. Save Changes

NOTE: Be sure to set a good router password if you enable remote access.


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