How to access your Kibosh appliance remotely.

How to access your Kibosh appliance remotely.

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Although most administration can and should be done from https://myfilter.kibosh.net, you can optionally remotely access your Kibosh appliance directly. The benefit of this is having access to all advanced router features.

KRMU = Kibosh Router Management Utility

Step 1: How to enable remote KRMU access

  1. Log into your Kibosh at
  2. Go to System > Status
  3. On the status page look for the WAN IP Address. If the WAN IP Address starts with ’10.’ , ‘192.168.’, or ‘172.’ then this WAN IP is private, and you’ll need to complete Step 2 below because your Kibosh router is behind a primary router.
  4. Go to System > Router Access
  5. Enable Remote Web Admin Access and select HTTP
  6. Set the Remote HTTP port to 8080 (or 8888, 8181, etc)
  7. Save Changes
  8. Go to Status > Overview and write down the WAN IP

Now you can open any web browser and type in the following URL to administer the KRMU:

http://[WAN IP]:8080


NOTE: This URL will only work when not connected to the Kibosh routers LAN. For remote (outside the home / office) administration use MyFilter.



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