no_surprise_kid KiboshDNS

KiboshDNS 2.0

Over 10 years in service...continually getting better.

Instantly makes your Internet family and malware safe

by simply changing the DNS settings on your router

Every Wi-Fi Router / Router / Modem uses DNS.

Every device that uses this Wi-Fi Router will be protected

No software to install

$29.99 per year

14 Day Trial 

Cancel Anytime Yourself 

KiboshDNS Features -- 

Blocks millions of pornographic websites

Enforces SafeSearch = no more nude image searches!

Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Swisscow, Yandex, and YouTube

SafeSearch Lock-In = only SafeSearch Internet search engines can be used

Blocks Malware, Virus, and illegal Proxies

Daily Internet activity logs

Works over incognito mode!


Kibosh DNS Agent




Internet Security and Parental Controls.