“The societal costs of unfettered access to Internet pornography are staggering. The financial cost to business productivity in the U.S. alone is estimated at $16.9 Billion annually ; but the human toll, particularly among our youth and in our families, is far greater.”

Introducing Internet Security from Kibosh

The Kibosh Filter is a simple, and inexpensive way to make your Internet infinitely safer, faster and more reliable by instantly protecting every Internet capable device you own from pornography, malware, and phishing related websites, bad search terms, and bad video / image search results.

For very little effort, and cost, Kibosh delivers a high quality family safe experience on every device you own with no impact to the Internet your used to. If you could call your ISP and ask for a family safe Internet package, the Kibosh experience is what you would get (assuming their filtering was done right).

What makes Kibosh unique?

Simple: Deploy Kibosh in less than 30 minutes, and then move on with life. The Kibosh Filter blocks all the bad stuff by default, so you don’t have to mess with trying to think of websites, terms, etc. There is nothing to monitor, no need to confront. Kibosh thoroughly removes the bad stuff – problem solved. All you need to do is turn it on…no_surprise_kid Kibosh Filter Service

Sustainable: We kept this as simple, and worry free as possible for long term use. Anytime we humans have to continually go back, and check on something it’s doomed to failure. We are too busy to do this persistently, but the issue is too important to forget. So we designed the Kibosh Filter to require zero maintenance. There is nothing to install (and thus nothing that will fail over time), and once turned on, at the gateway, it will always ‘just work’.  And because it’s cloud based it’s always up-to-date, and you don’t have to do anything for this to happen.

100% effective: The Kibosh Filter works at the gateway to your Internet (your wireless router), and therefor will not miss any devices (unlike some competitors).  If you are a Kibosh customer, and you’re browsing the Internet, it’s technically impossible for the Internet to not be filtered on every device.

If you know what’s out there, the insane hardcore pornography, and you know how easily it can be accessed, on purpose or accidentally, then when you see your kids starting to search for things on the Internet you should be very concerned. If you are using Kibosh you don’t have to worry about insane hardcore nudity, period.

Just the bad stuff ma’am: The Kibosh Filter blocks the bad stuff, and only the bad stuff. Therefor, it’s good to be used by everyone in the home / office. The Kibosh Filter does not interfere with regular web browsing, or company VPN’s, etc.

Accurate: There are a lot of bad websites out there. You would be amazed, as we continually are, at how many, and we designed the custom tool that finds them! Over the years we’ve harvested hundreds of thousands, with new ones being added all the time, and that’s just for the .com domain. Now we have to protect all the new TLDs (top level domains) like .biz, .info, .guru, .blog, etc. All of which could host a bad website like pornography, malware, crypto locker, search proxies, torrents, etc.

Nothing is 100%, but the Kibosh Filter’s proprietary website categorization engine ensures these bad websites are blocked, including the new ones that seem to appear out of nowhere. Plus, as an additional layer of security, you can optionally block many of these TLD’s through the MyFilter dashboard. The Kibosh Filter is very accurate.

360 degrees of protection: with Kibosh we can finally give our families the gift of a life free from Internet bad stuff (and the associated temptations). Kibosh protects the Home / Office, and all Internet capable devices like Apple, Android and Windows.

Internet Antivirus: Malware, or “malicious software,” describes any software program designed to damage or do other unwanted actions to a computer system. Common examples of malware include viruses and worms, such as Crypto Locker Viruses, any number of Java-base vulnerabilities, exploits in Web browsers like Internet Explorer, and literally millions more.

Internet Access Time Management: The Internet is a multimedia vehicle, and as such we want to control when it can be accessed. The Kibosh 360 provides individual device time management.

Inexpensive: $30 per year for unlimited device coverage for home + 3 mobile devices…seriously, what are you waiting for?

What will the Kibosh Filter do for you?

  • Remove pornographic websites
  • Remove malware, illegal downloads, and phishing related websites from your Internet.
  • Enforce SafeSearch on Google, Bing, YouTube, eBay, Ask, and more.
    • SafeSearch ensures that Image and Video search results will never contain any pornography.
    • SafeSearch Lock-In (optional) ensures non-SafeSearch enforced search engines are available.
  • Block pop-ups & ads.
  • Block websites / apps as needed.
  • Enforce YouTube SafeMode (strict or moderate)
  • Daily Activity Logs

Kibosh protects every device on your network, 24/7.
kibosh_hub Kibosh Filter Service
 Laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, TVs, servers, literally anything that connects to the Internet.

How does the Kibosh Filter work?

When we search for Internet content we use a search engine like Google.com, or Bing.com. Post search, we will receive a few categories of Internet content. The number of categories will vary across search engines, but you will always get these three: Web, Image and Video.

When you click on one of the Web, Image or Video links you’ll get a list of best guess results.

bing_porn Kibosh Filter Service


As you can see from this image, a search for porn will yield no results on a Kibosh protected network, because Kibosh turns on, and enforces SafeSearch at all times, across all devices.

With SafeSearch enabled Google, Bing, Info, YouTube, Wow, Go will not return pornographic content, thus ensuring that:

1) Bad search terms cannot be used.

2) Image and Video search results will never contain nudity.

If anything does slip through SafeSearch, or if someone tries to go directly to a bad website, our proprietary domain blocking ensures that it’s blocked.

SafeSearch + Website blocking = Family Safe Internet!

Kibosh Filter Action Flow Chart.

review-2 Kibosh Filter Service

Put time limits on a websites.

timedfilter2 Kibosh Filter Service

In addition to the maintenance free elimination of objectionable content you can also control what can be accessed. These additional filtering options are called MyFilter Settings,and are managed from your MyFilter dashboard.

MyFilter Setting (in addition to the Kibosh Filter):

  • Block any website
  • Unblock any non-pornographic website
  • Block categories of websites
  • Put time limits on websites
  • Enable / disable YouTube SafeMode
  • Enable / disable Ad Blocking
  • Daily activity logs
  • Monitor status of the Kibosh Cloud device

SafeSearch: web, image and video content protected.
search_engines_info Kibosh Filter Service

Easy to Manage:

Adaptive Real-time Categorization Engine (A.R.C.E.):

  • The Internet is a dynamic entity, always changing and evolving. To stay on top of these changes we’ve developed the A.R.C.E. (Adaptive Real-time Categorization Engine) which keeps our categories of website content always up-to-date by scanning billions of Web pages continually.
  • Our simple to use, web based administration, and mobile apps empower you to quickly customize and change what content can be accessed, giving you greater control of your networks Internet usage.


Whoa! Let’s get started.

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