Frequently Asked Questions

Is setup complicated?

No. Every home / office has a wireless router - the Kibosh Router simply becomes your wireless router.

Call 888-727-3018 for assistance (but you won't need it).

Will Kibosh work with my Internet?

Yes. The Kibosh Router will work with all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the world. 

Kibosh Mobile will work on all iOS and Android devices.

How good is the wireless range on the Kibosh?

It has 3 external 2.4 & 5 GHz antennas that will give you around 4,000 sq ft range in a home of wood construction. 

If you find you still need more range, a traditional range extender(s) can be easily added (more info here).

Does Kibosh require a lot of work to maintain?

Kibosh was designed to require no effort post setup and is a zero-config, zero-ongoing maintenance solution.

Once in place it just works without pestering you to check this or do that or buy this subscribe to that, etc. 

Your Internet will be immediately free of objectionable content and then you can use the Parental Controls (available from anywhere via the Global Dashboard) if and when you need them.

There is nothing to misconfigure. Nothing to forget. Nothing to worry about.

Will Kibosh slow down my Internet?

Kibosh uniquely performs the very resource intensive Internet Content Filtering on powerful servers in the cloud. The result is that in many cases your Internet will be faster, or at the very least the same as it is now.

Kibosh was designed to be transparent - you will not even know it's there (until you remove it). 

Does Kibosh work on my mobile device?

Yes. Kibosh Mobile VPN will ensure the Internet is always family safe on Android, iOS, and Windows. No matter what Internet is being used (Wi-Fi or Carrier).

Included are step by step instructions for full parental control.

Does kibosh have a report feature to see if someone is trying to search for something inappropriate?

On a Kibosh Internet bad content cannot be searched for. In other words, a search for anything related to pornography will not work. Therefor there is no need for an emergency reporting feature. One less thing to worry about.

You can always see what any device is doing on the Internet, in real-time or historically, via the Web Usage monitor which is available in the Global Admin Dashboard. 

Does Kibosh work in Incognito Mode?

Yes, any browsers Incognito Mode or Private Browser mode will still be Kibosh Family Safe.

It also works on Brave's Tor browsing tab.

Does Kibosh stop things like DNS over HTTPS, or browsers with Tor?

Yes, DNS over HTTPS as recently implemented by FireFox, Chrome (which is wrong) does not work. 

Also, browsers offering Tor like Brave does not work. 

The battle for your Internet privacy and freedom rages on behind the scenes, but Kibosh stays at the front of that battle keeping you and your family safe. 

What kind of support do I get?

Not much, you're on your own.

Just kidding, we take what we do very seriously and strive to give our customers the best support possible. However, if we've done our jobs right you won't need to use support very often. That being said,

A ticket is created for each issue you open (via phone / email) which you can then see / monitor from your Members page.

Can I exclude device(s) from filtering?

Yes, you can easily add / remove devices from Internet filtering in the Global Dashboard.

Although you should never have to do this.

I have gone through Mcafee family, netnanny, Norton family filters. My sons have bypassed them all. Looking for a solution where they cannot trick or bypass the filter by disabling the service. Is your solution bullet proof in that way?

Kibosh is a very different solution and far superior to these software based filters on a few levels. First, the router captures all packets bound for the Internet and therefor, everything using said router will have its Internet filtered. 

Second, because Kibosh does the filtering at the gateway to the Internet there is no need for software to be installed on any device. Software will fail, period. A router will never fail.

Third, in addition to the very high-quality family safe Internet produced by Kibosh is the Enterprise grade malware filtering which A) works on every device without installing software and B) eliminates the need to install anti-malware apps on each device.

Fourth, our mobile Family Safe VPNs will ensure a device's Internet is free of objectionable content over Wi-Fi and Cellular Internet. Once this VPN is locked in place with additional tools like app-lockers the mobile device cannot be used to access bad content, ever. 

In summary, yes Kibosh is bulletproof. 

I want to make sure the kids cannot uninstall the Android Kibosh VPN and bypass it like the other filters.

An Android device with Kibosh VPN installed, and then secured with a quality app-locker, is the safest device a parent can hand to a child. There is no way to bypass the protection. Also it's the least annoying (depending on how restrictive you get with the app-lock).

Detailed step by step instructions to do the above are included.

Isn't Kibosh just like Disney Circle?

Kibosh is nothing like the Circle. 

If you are a Circle owner and would like to end your pain, drop us a note with your Circle's serial # and we'll give you a 20% off coupon. 

Do I still need to install / pay for local malware protection with Kibosh?

No, if you are using a Kibosh Router all devices will be protected with Enterprise Grade Malware blocking. What's more, this form of malware protection if far superior to software based solutions because:

  1. Kibosh works on everything without software needing to be installed.
  2. Software based malware / antivirus cause more problems than they solve and open you up to more attacks. 
  3. Kibosh blocks infected sites before you get infected as apposed to after.
  4. You pay one flat fee for all devices vs a fee for each device with software installed.

Also, Kibosh Mobile VPN gives your mobile devices the same level of malware protection, and for mobile this is a rare and important feature today.

In summary, you do not need to pay for malware software any more once you have Kibosh in place.

Plus with a Kibosh you can easily see if you have malware on your LAN via Global Dash > Web Usage Logs. These logs will clearly show you have malware - note this is the most reliable way to tell if you have a LAN infection. 

If you need malware removal support please see NTS Services (our parent company).

There are other solutions like this available today - why Kibosh?

Why are you here? Because pornography on the internet is so rampant its impossible to avoid even when conducting the most benign search.

This is a problem many people would like to solve so there are more companies stepping into the market with their version.

However, if you take five Parental Control (PC) solutions you'll get five very different experiences. Building a legitimate, sustainable solution to this problem is not easy and it takes time.

By sustainable we mean a solution we can live with and raise our families with, without worrying about it not working, or breaking ever few days.

Most heavily marketed solutions are typically slick UI's with some DNS blocking and useless feature bloat. They make a lot of promises but rarely deliver. We have many customers from this group.

Kibosh isn't flashy, it's a tool that does 2 things: 1) it will give you an internet curiously free of pornography and malware without you having to install anything, and 2) it will give you control over any device if and when you need it.

All wrapped up in a simple, powerful Gigabit Wireless AC router for the home, and for mobile we have a traditional VPN.

Kibosh works out of the box and requires no configuration or learning curve. There is no software to install, and nothing to monitor. If you're using the Internet with Kibosh it's family safe at all times.

The Internet as it should be.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, but you pay for shipping which can be expensive.

If you live in Canada:

  1. Drop us a note with your address and email
  2. We'll reply with a shipping cost
  3. You decide if you want to proceed
  4. We'll send you a custom URL from which to order

Usually the shipping cost to Canada is in the $30 - $50 range. 

Don't see your question here? Drop us a quick note and we'll respond.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.