Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is the Kibosh Router setup?

Unless you have a non-standard network design it's very easy: install the Kibosh Router in front of, or in place of your existing wireless router. At that point your Internet is fully protected, and you have control over every device. After that you can optionally install Kibosh on your mobile (whichever ones you want the Internet to be family safe on).

Call 888-727-3018 for assistance. 

Will Kibosh work with my Internet?

Kibosh will work with all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the world.

How good is the wireless range on the Kibosh 2.0 Router?

The Kibosh Pro has excellent rage with 4 external 2.4 & 5 GHz antennas that will easily cover a 4,500 sq ft home of wood construction. 

If you find you still need more range, a traditional range extender(s) can be easily added (more info here).

Is there any ongoing maintenance?

Kibosh is a zero-config, zero-ongoing maintenance solution. Set it up once and then the problem is solved. You can then easily manage everything from the Global Dashboard from any browser anywhere in the world.

What can I expect with Kibosh?

Ideally we could call our ISP and ask for the family safe Internet package. Assuming we could do this, the ISP would then 1) add a monthly service fee, and 2) flip a switch and then the bad stuff, and only the bad stuff, would be gone from your Internet without any noticeable change. No further effort on your part needed.

This is exactly what Kibosh will do for you. Simply replace your ISP provided router - which BTW you're paying extra $ for each month - with a Kibosh Router and the Internet on every device is now Kibosh family safe (no pornography or malware). You don't need to do anything else, nothing to configure and nothing to forget.

Then from the Global Dashboard you can see what's going on with your Internet, and manage things as needed. Or do nothing else but enjoy your new Internet. 

Mobile devices are also easily protected by installing our Family Safe VPN once, and the Internet will then be always Kibosh family safe.

Kibosh is essential Internet gear that will make your life easier and safer on the Internet. 

Will Kibosh slow down my Internet?

Kibosh uniquely performs the very resource intensive Internet Content Filter on powerful servers in the cloud. The end result is that in many cases your Internet will be faster, at the very least the same as it is now.

Why is there a subscription?

Delivering a legitimatefast and seamless family safe Internet experience costs time and money. Supporting this and the parental controls costs time and money. Therefor, in order to continue delivering this premium service we need to charge a small service fee.

  • Q: What about XYZ free solution? 
  • A: You get what you pay for and as we all know nothing is really free. They are profiting off us somehow. 

TIP: in many cases you can return your ISP provided equipment and save enough money each month off your bill to help cover Kibosh's service. 

TIP: Kibosh delivers Enterprise Grade Malware blocking at the gateway. Every device using the Kibosh Router will be protected and the protection is excellent because it blocks Malware before you get infected, not after. With Kibosh you do not need to pay for local malware apps in  the home / office, or on Mobile devices with Kibosh installed.

Does Kibosh work on my mobile device?

Yes. Kibosh will ensure the Internet is always family safe on Android, iOS, and Windows. No matter what Internet is being used (Wi-Fi or Carrier).

Comparison Chart

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How does Kibosh compare with Circle?

Read our Disney Circle review. In a nutshell Kibosh is fundamentally, and technically very different from the Circle. 

There is nothing else exactly like Kibosh on the market today.

What kind of support do I get?

We take what we do very seriously and strive to give our customers the best support possible. However, if we've done our jobs right you won't need to use support very often. That being said,

A ticket is created for each issue you open (via phone / email) which you can then see / monitor from your Members page.

Can I exclude device(s) from filtering?

Yes, you can easily add / remove devices from Internet filtering in the Global Dashboard.

However, outside of a mission critical issue or temporary personal needs this is a very bad idea.

Malware today is no joke that will cost you time and money, and usually not a little. Once you're infected there is no turning back, there is no easy recovery in spite of what the malware apps will sell you.  

Kibosh is a critical layer of Internet Malware security you need to be using for all your devices.

Don't think of Kibosh as a strictly "porn blocker". It's much more than that and produces a very clean, fast and SAFE Internet that everyone in the home / office should be using. Even if you have local antivirus / anti malware nothing can touch a our enterprise web based malware filters that block bad websites BEFORE you land on them. Plus Kibosh protects all devices including mobile, not just the ones running Windows or macOS.

You will notice a reduction in pop-ups, annoying banner ads, zero-porn ads, no malware and in general a very positive Internet experience - the Internet as it should be.


  • Q: Can I use local antivirus + Kibosh.
  • A: Yes, and this is recommended, however do not pay for local antivirus and do not use any web filtering components. We recommend using Windows Defender

Why would I want a mobile VPN?

Our mobile VPN is an encrypted tunnel between the device and Kibosh's filtering servers. When the VPN is on all Internet activity on this device will be routed through Kibosh's filtering servers - no matter where the device is or what Internet is being used (Wi-Fi or Carrier).

This means the Internet will be Kibosh safe exactly like it is at home with the Kibosh Router. Plus you will have enterprise grade malware filtering which is a very rare feature on mobile today.

Benefits of a Kibosh Family Safe Mobile VPN:

  • All Internet activity will be forced through the VPN which ensures the Internet will always be Kibosh Family Safe – no matter what Internet is being used (Wi-Fi or Carrier).
    • No pornography & SafeSearch enforced
    • Enterprise grade malware blocking
  • Hackers will be blocked.
  • Tracking will be blocked.
  • Your location will be obfuscated and located in US.
  • Prevents user switching to Carrier data to bypass family Internet filters.

You get 2 iOS and 2 Android VPNs at no additional cost with the purchase of a Kibosh Router.

I have gone through Mcafee family, netnanny, Norton family filters. My sons have bypassed them all. Looking for a solution where they cannot trick or bypass the filter by disabling the service. Is your solution bullet proof in that way?

The Kibosh Router w/t VPNs is a very different and far superior to these software based filters on a few levels. First, the router captures all packets bound for the Internet and therefor everything using said router will have it's Internet filtered. Second, because we do the filtering at the gateway there is no need for software to be installed on any device. Third, in addition to the very high-quality family safe Internet produced by Kibosh is the Enterprise grade malware filtering which A) works on every device and B) eliminates the need to install anti-malware apps on each device. Fourth, our mobile Family Safe VPNs will ensure the device's Internet is free of objectionable content. When this VPN is locked in place with additional tools like app-lockers the mobile device cannot be used to access bad content, ever. 

Can I build by own Kibosh Router using a TP-Link like you're selling?

Yes please see this DIY guide.

I want to make sure the kids cannot uninstall the Android Kibosh VPN and bypass it like the other filters.

Problem solved: an Android phone with Kibosh VPN installed, secured with a quality app-locker, is the safest device a parent can hand to a child. There is no way to bypass the protection. Also it's the least annoying (depending on how restrictive you get with the app-lock).

Don't see your question here? Drop us a quick note and we'll respond.


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