Security Note 12/18

  Couple of items to be aware of:  There are no keyloggers that work on iPhones or iPads, so don’t fall for the slick websites that tell you otherwise. There are no free solutions to parental controls. There are no easy ‘point and click’ solutions to Internet security. Do not fall for these phishing tactics. Example sites trying to trick you into installing something: https://ikeymonitor.com/top-keylogger-for-iphone https://www.spyzie.com NOTE: Never trust a website selling an app, always double-check the reviews of an…

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Firefox Browser Tip

We like the Firefox browser at Kibosh because it’s the only popular browser that – currently – 1) offers built in tracking protection (new, see below), 2) does not operate for profit (currently), and 3) does not collect, and save user data (unlike Chrome). The latest FF (v63) adds protection from web fingerprinting technologies and also web mining scripts. Mining scrips are how hackers use your computer resources (RAM/CPU/GPU) to mine for bitcoin (diabolical, but clever). In regards to #1 –…

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Kibosh Cloud customers should not be paying for local antivirus of any kind. In the past we’ve recommended Microsoft’s Security Essentials, but they’ve since stopped supporting that in favor of Windows Defender which only works on Windows 8 & 10. So for those of us still using Windows XP , Vista or 7 we’ll need to find another local antivirus. When searching for an Antivirus solution please keep the following points in mind: Kibosh Cloud provides an excellent layer of…

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Phishing E-mail Example

Hi Everyone, This is an excellent example of a phishing e-mail (see below). An e-mail drafted to look and sound legitimate with attachments that contain malware, or hyperlinks that open to infected web pages. This particular phishing attempt had an attachment (which has been removed). We can’t stress enough to never, ever open any attachment or follow any link from an email – no matter how legitimate it looks. Yes it’s inconvenient, but that is the digital world we live…

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Great FireFox privacy add-ons.

FireFox is fast, reliable, open source and respects your privacy. However it’s default configuration is not secure as secure as it could be. The following free add-on’s will add the missing layers of security, and give you a very secure Internet experience. Note that the number one attack vector on any browser is JavaScript. NoScript will secure this threat, but note that it requires quite a lot of interaction from you to get things working.  NoScript WebRTC is a communication…

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