The Internet is full of good, and bad content. Unfortunately the bad content is really bad, insanely bad, and literally a miss-typed word away. This is unacceptable, especially when kids are involved.

Luckily Kibosh has solved this problem, and will remove pornography from your Internet better than anything else by blocking bad search terms, bad websites, and bad image / video search results for a truly clean Internet experience.no_surprise_kid Block Pornography

To remove pornography from your Internet Kibosh utilizes a few different tools:

  1. Domain Blocking
    • If a user tries to access a bad website directly Kibosh will block it. 
  2. SafeSearch Enforcement
    • The goal is to funnel users through a SafeSearch enforced search engine (Google, Bing, Ask, Info, Go, Wow, Yippy). With SafeSearch enforced (i.e. it cannot be turned off) pornography cannot be A) searched for, and B) the search engine will not return porn in search results for Web, Image or Video content.
    • SafeSearch Lock-in prevents the use of non-SafeSearch enforced search engines.
  3. URL Filtering
    • Search term filtering
    • SafeSearch enforcement
    • Misc content blocking

The end result is an Internet free from pornography with no impact to the browsing experience you’re used to.  The Internet as it should be.


Internet Security and Parental Controls.