Pornography on a raw Interned is so rampant it's impossible to avoid even when conducting the most benign search. This unfettered access is producing a growing epidemic of addictions, bad decisions, and broken families.  

Kibosh is an Internet Security  & Parental Control company formed in 2012 to solve / combat this problem. Kibosh is focused on one thing: producing a legitimate and sustainable solution for parents, like us, to raise their families with. One that will be seamless, require no effort to maintain, will work on everything, everywhere and one that will last a lifetime i.e., a sustainable solution for everyone.

Mission accomplished with the Kibosh Router, Open and Mobile, the culmination of over six years of persistent development, trial and error. The best compliment we can give is that it works as advertised. 

One of the key differences between Kibosh and all other products that claim similar features, besides the quality of the Internet produced, is the overall simplicity and sustainability of the entire solution. Kibosh was developed by seasoned network and software engineers who know that any technical solution which requires our constant attention is doomed to failure. Therefor they created a solution that would require zero effort to to maintain, post setup. In other words, after you setup Kibosh - which immediately removes pornography and malware from your Internet - you don't have to do anything else, ever. Your Internet will always be family safe with Kibosh and this protection cannot be misconfigured or broken.

There is an annual subscription that that keeps the servers running and the bad stuff out of your Internet, which is a constant job. We do not use ads, we do not sell information about you, we do not use logs to ascertain anything about you. We don't need to do any of that because we charge a subscription. If you are using anything that is free note that YOU are the product because NOTHING is free online. Every packet and line of code has a cost associated with it that someone is paying. 

Kibosh is dedicated to serving you and protecting all of us from the insanity of trying to live honest lives and raise families while hosting an unfettered adult bookstore in our homes. It is our Ikigai or “reason for being.”



Internet Security and Parental Controls.