Back in my day you could find just about anything on the web, but in general search engines (Lycos, Yahoo, etc) were not very good in regards to the content (websites related to your search) returned.

When Google hit the scene it was so much better than anything they literally took over the world and Google has become a verb in our lexicon. Today many people consider Google ‘the internet’.

Having used Google since inception, and having to figure out how to filter out the bad content that can be found via Google (in their defense SafeSearch, which they provide, is very good, it’s just difficult to enforce (which is why we need Kibosh)) and being someone who seeks true information, I can tell you that Google has thoroughly scrubbed the Internet today. Good luck finding data not approved by the state. I think most of us can see that.

So what do we do? Use I’m getting much better results.

Note that with Kibosh Yandex will always be in family SafeSearch mode even in incognito mode. Yandex works just like Google / Bing only it will give you old-school unfiltered results (as of today).  Try it, and see if you don’t get websites you’ve never heard about.

What about DuckDuckGo? Sorry, DDG is simply a proxy (i.e., they are not a search engine) to Google and Bing so, the results are still ‘approved’.