There are three essentials pieces to a clean (no ads, no porn), and safe (no malware) Internet browsing experience:

  1. Kibosh Router
    • Zero Internet pornography
      • Images / videos always safe
      • Bad websites disappeared
      • incognito always safe
    • Malware & DNS Hijack protection
    • Includes mobile Internet protection
  2. uBlock Origin
    • This is the only ad-blocker you need. It is available as an extension for all browsers.
      • NOTE: uBlock is easy to turn on / off per site, but be advised it’s a serious layer of Internet security and it will prevent some sites from working right (until it’s turned off).
  3. Common Sense – when in doubt, throw it out.ublock How to surf without porn, ads, and malware.

Follow the above and you’ll never get malware. If you DO get malware, and it happens especially with the quality of phishing emails today, archive your important data asap and rebuild from scratch.  Installing software to fix a malware problem after the fact is a wast of time and money.