Couple of items to be aware of:

  1.  There are no keyloggers that work on iPhones or iPads, so don’t fall for the slick websites that tell you otherwise. There are no free solutions to parental controls. There are no easy ‘point and click’ solutions to Internet security. Do not fall for these phishing tactics.
    • Example sites trying to trick you into installing something:
    • NOTE: Never trust a website selling an app, always double-check the reviews of an app in the App store. You will not find any keylogger apps in the Apple App store.
  2. Check to see if your email has been pwned, i.e. hacksored!

In regards to #1 – I’ve looked into adding keylogger features into our Kibosh for iOS solution. A keylogger would be an excellent way to know what Little Johnny is doing on his device. In fact, it’s arguably all one would need (imagine getting a daily list of all words he typed that day), but Apple will not allow access to the underlying code for ANYONE to do this. The only way to install a keylogger (which is trivial to remove btw, another issue with it…) is to jailbreak the device.