“Internet pornography will create an epidemic of obsession, compulsion and addiction that will sweep across America like a tidal wave, destroying marriages, families and individual lives with a devastation never before witnessed in the history of this great nation!” Mark Kastleman, The Drug of the New Millennium

Kibosh exist for the sole purpose of solving the problem of Internet pornography in a sustainable way. When Kibosh Cloud is enabled, and SafeSearch Lock-in activated, access to, and the searching for Internet pornography is eliminated.

The Kibosh Cloud web filtering service is the best content filter in the world. Our categories are proprietary, and it enforces SafeSearch which is the only way to prevent pornographic images from being searched for. If you don’t have SafeSearch enforcement with your existing solution then you don’t have a filter you can trust.

However, as good as Kibosh is, it’s just a tool, only part of the complete solution. It should to be used in conjunction with education, and a ‘mental reboot‘ to be truly free. Kibosh will give you an Internet porography free world to live in, but you need to take action too.

If you have a user that does not fully appreciate the Kibosh filter, i.e. they fight against it’s use, then they don’t fully understand how damaging Internet pornography is on their lives. This is where education is key, and it’s the kind of education you won’t find in the MSM, or unfortunately brick and mortar schools. Knowing is half the battle, and once enlightened the path will be clear.

Here are a few places to start:

  • http://www.yourbrainonporn.com
  • The Drug of the New Millennium – The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3145639-the-drug-of-the-new-millennium—the-brain-science-behind-internet-porno
  • http://fightthenewdrug.org

Internet pornography is especially damaging to young men and women because research shows ‘that our most powerful and lasting memories arise from adolescence – along with our worst habits’. YBOP

There is also a growing body of evidence suggesting Internet pornography is as addicting, if not more so, than traditional drugs like cocaine, or alcohol.

“Addictive drugs like meth and heroin are compelling because they hijack the precise mechanisms involved that make sex compelling – dopamine.” YBOP


Cambridge University scientists find that those with drug addiction and sex addiction have similar neurological responses

”There are clear differences in brain activity between patients who have compulsive sexual behavior and healthy volunteers. These differences mirror those of drug addicts.”

The good news is that you have a tool at your disposal to legitimately block pornography from your homes and / or businesses. Something we didn’t have for a long time.

The Kibosh Cloud Filtering Service is a sustainable solution. By sustainable we mean you only need to enable the service, and then move on with life. Problem solved (as well is it can be). Any other solution like ours, and currently there are none, can only be as good, technically speaking, as Kibosh.

Any Internet content filtering / parental control solution that requires your contstant attention is not sustainable long term. Kibosh Cloud was designed to be as ubiquitous, and easy to use as the Internet. Our dream is a world where services like Kibosh Cloud are the default protection for every Internet connection. A world where the mental wellbeing of our future generations come first.

Team Kibosh