Following these general guidelines will keep you free from web based malware/ viruses and rootkits thus protecting your personal information, and saving you hours of headache and $ repairing / replacing an infected PC.

  1. Use Google which offers a certain level of protection from:
    1. Malware protection
    2. Phishing protection
    3. SafeSearch
      1. Enforced by Kibosh Filtering Service
  2. Use FireFox or Chrome
  3. Never download a file you didn’t actively seek out
  4. Never click on a link from an email
    1. Always manually (type address in URL bar, or from your own bookmark).
      1. For you to get infected you must take action. This is what phishing emails are all about, tricking you into clicking a link. Once you click an infected link it’s over. Antivirus will not save you.
  5. Keep your O/S updated, along with Java,and if you have it installed Flash
    1. These apps will tell you when they need to be updated -don’t ignore the warning.
    2. NOTE: third party apps are the number on attack vector on Windows.
  6. On Windows PCs use WinPatrol
    1. If you are going to pay for another tool to protect your PC, outside of the Kibosh Filtering Service, then make it WinPatrol.
  7. Use a Kibosh product to protect your Internet

Malware today is delivered from infected websites which is why protecting your network with the Kibosh Filtering Service is important. Some malware will encrypt your entire hard drive, holding your data hostage until you pay to unlock it. It’s called ‘ransomware’ and if you haven’t heard about it yet, you will because it works (for the bad guys), and it’s profitable (for the bad guys). This article will tell you what ransomware is, and what it can do.

How does one get infected with malware? By clicking on a link from an email that is made to look legitimate, i.e. a ‘phishing’ email, or browsing to an infected website and or clicking on a pop-up from an infected website. All the a for mentioned are trying to trick you into clicking and once you click the link it’s over. Will antivirus help? Only if it knows about the malware, and there are many, many exploits not yet known by the antivirus vendors. More info: antivirus is dead: long live antivirus!

Any Kibosh product will protect every device on your network by:

  1. Blocking phishing sites
  2. Blocking malware sites
  3. Blocking pornography sites
  4. Enforcing SafeSearch
    1. Video search protection
    2. Image search protection

Every high-speed internet should have Kibosh protection.

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